Front-suspended mountain bike. The smaller frame sizes, 15 “and 17″, have 27.5″ tires and the larger bicycles, 19” and 21 “, have 29” tires. The bikes are distinctly cross-country bikes and are easily used on both gravel road and winding forest tracks.

The bike is equipped with a mini pump, bottle holder and saddle bag with an extra hose and tools.

Rent your mountainbike in store in Uppsala or Västerås.

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Rent, test, buy means that you can rent the product, test it during any rental period and then you can deduct the rent when you buy a new, corresponding product from us.

Mountainbike is a fast-paced nature experience that is childishly fun. You can rent quality bicycles from Merida which literally allows you to get across logs and rocks. Perfect for those who want to try a tough challenge.

Here are a few tips on tough challanges/races:
Lida Loop
Lidingöloppet MTB
Åre Extreme Challenge
Dalslands XC