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Cross country skiing course, blue level

  • Excitement 50% 50%
  • Nature Experience 60% 60%
  • Physical 80% 80%

Teknikkurs i längdskidor, blå nivå

Cross-country skiing is a fun, but technically demanding, activity. At our courses, we coach you in classic skiing techniques and give you the basis to work with to make you a better skier. Whatever your level your cross-country skiing skills will become better and skiing becomes more fun!

Since there are often difficult grip waxing conditions on snow, we provide you with modern skintech skis on our courses. They provide very good traction regardless of the snow type and are now so good that they are even used in the World Cup!

Blue level: is suitable for you who go cross-country skiing for fun once or a few times every winter and have a hum about that there are different riding styles, but have difficulty finding the right technique. If you have the desire to get better, but you are not in the best of shape, choose this level.

Course content: equipment walk through, the basic position and the classic skiing’s five gears.
Course duration: aprox. 2 hours.
Price: 649 Sek.
Own equipmant: cross-country ski equipment for classic skiing.
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