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Stand Up Paddle on Uppsala river (Fyrisån)

  • Excitement 50% 50%
  • Nature experience 90% 90%
  • Physical 30% 30%

Paddle Stand Up Paddle board on Fyrisån

Discover Fyrisån on a Stand Up Paddleboard!

Quietly and modestly Fyrisån winds its way through the surrounding landscape before you get the first glimpse of Uppsala’s well-known silhouette and the wilderness is changed for the city and urban paddling.

Ok, how is it done?
We will meet you in central Uppsala or pick you up from your hotel and drive out to the starting point, where you get instructions on how to paddle SUP. We will later meet up again in central Uppsala where the tour ends.

Alternative 1 (Northern Fyrisån)
The paddle tour starts at Ulva Kvarn or Klastorp 1 (a bridge in the middle of the fields) and from there you will paddle in your own pace the 8 or 4.5 kilometers into the central Uppsala, which takes about two or three hours. Along the way, you have plenty of time to enjoy nature and enjoy a Swedish ”fika”.

Alternative 2 (Southern Fyrisån)
The paddle tour starts in Kuggebro south of Uppsala on Sävjaån and from there you will paddle at your own pace the 4.5 kilometers into Stadsparken (bicycle bridge), which takes about two hours. Along the way, you have plenty of time to enjoy nature and enjoy a Swedish ”fika”. Note that during this trip you can encounter light boat traffic.

The trip costs 499 SEK and in the price includes pickup, transport to starting plac, SUP with associated equipment and a brief instruction.

The paddle tour can be booked any day between 9am and 4pm. (9:00 to 16:00).

Aprox. 2-3 hours incl. drive out and breaks.

Previous experience
Paddling SUP is easier than it looks. Due to the fact that the boards are wide and have a large volume, they are lay firm on the water also for beginners, therefore the tours have no other requirements for prior knowledge than adequate swimming skills.

Own equipment
Water bottle. Sunglasses if sunny. Suitable outfits are workout clothes according to the weather. If you fall into the water we want you to bring extra clothes, this is unusual, but can happen.



Normal demand
499 kr/Person
  • We drive you to the starting point of the excursion from central Uppsala or your hotel.
  • Instructions on how to paddle SUP
  • SUP board, paddle and safety line
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