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Touring skates course

  • Excitement 50% 50%
  • Nature experience 100% 100%
  • Physical 60% 60%

Grundkurs i långfärdsskridskor

We have fantastic conditions for touring ice skating available to everyone through, in Västerås the plowed course on Västeråsfjärden, and in Uppsala the plowed lanes on Fjällnora, Långsjön and Ekoln at Skarholmen. Our basic course aims to ensure that you learn in a safe and fun way how to go touring skating.

The course is aimed at those who have never tried touring skating before, or are a beginners, and want to get tips and advice to get it started on their own. We give you tips, exercises and coaching while taking you out on our nearby frozen lakes

In Västerås, the course starts from the docks at the canoe club, which is just to the right of the Björnö bridge on the mainland. From there we can either choose the track in Hässlösundet or the one on Västeråsfjärden depending on which has the best ice.

In Uppsala, we will start from the ice that feels the most suitable at the moment. Before each course, more details will be sent to the course participants.

Course content: Basic ice knowledge, safety, equipment and balance and technique exercises to find the right skating technique.
Course length: aprox. 2 hours.
Included: Long-range skating with loose heels, boots, ice studs, a helmet and one of our instructors.
Own equipment: Bike or ski helmet if you have and appropriate clothing for winter sports.
Number of participants: Max 8 per course
Price: 649 kr (inkl. utrustning).

Course date:
End of season, make a registration for 2020 below

End of season, make a registration for 2020 below

Gather friends or family and book your own date, with at least five people you can book your owb course date!


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