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Aktivt Uteliv Uppsala



Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 270, 756 52, Uppsala

Opening hours

Monday 11.00-18.00
Tuesday 11.00-18.00
Wednesday 11.00-18.00
Thursday 11.00-18.00
Friday 11.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00
Sunday 12.00-16.00


We are a local sports and outdoor shop that has been in Uppsala since 2014. Our key words are knowledge, service and quality, which in concrete terms means that we only work with activities that we ourselves carry out and can do really well. We work with both sales and rental, which means you can, among other things, rent skis, rent long-distance skates, rent mountain bikes or rent a kayak with us. We also have a ski workshop where we can, for example, grind skis, whale skis and grind skates. We are also Uppsala’s largest organizer of courses and in our range of courses you can find kayak course, cross country skiing technique and mountain bike course.

Otherwise, kayaking is something that is extraordinarily warm to our hearts and therefore you will find a well-stocked kayak shop with sales of kayaks and accessories during the summer months.

Until the fall of 2015, we were called Sporthyra Uppsala and were part of a smaller sports chain, but we have left it and are now standing on our own legs together with our sister shop in Västerås.

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Are you looking for an adventure? We organize excursions and events for groups & companies and individuals. Read more via the links below.

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